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Asset Allocation

Performa believes that asset allocation is one of the most important decisions that a client and its investment manager can make together. The process of establishing parameters for a well-diversified portfolio capable of performing in an array of market environments is far from a prepackaged, off-the-shelf process. We take pride in collaborating with our clients to fully understand their specific business, collateral needs, industry and reporting requirements. Our approach to asset allocation and portfolio construction involves the continual evaluation of capital markets and portfolio positioning to reach the goal of prudent, long-term buildup of surplus with an emphasis on capital preservation. As such, the asset allocation process is a thorough and thoughtful one that begins with in-depth conversations with each client.

Fixed Income Management

By offering both separately managed accounts and proprietary fixed income funds, Performa is committed to providing the best investment solution for each client. Our goal is to deliver all of our clients the benefits of institutional investment management. For some clients, the best approach is through our internally managed cash, intermediate and high yield funds that provide diversification, liquidity and value where a separate account may not. For others, a separate account with customized investment guidelines provides the best overall structure.

Equity Management

When constructing equity strategies, principal preservation and prudent capital growth are paramount. Performa has multiple entry points for clients’ equity exposure. Whether the choice is one of geographic exposure, market capitalization or type of investment vehicle, there are options available to diversify equity allocations on a number of fronts.

Client Service

Performa encourages an open dialogue with all clients and has the ability and willingness to accommodate the unique needs and preferences of each client and their captive manager. One of the benefits of working with Performa is that we offer our clients direct access to key decision makers and can easily accommodate any specific reporting needs. Given that we are a boutique firm, there is a constant flow of communication that we believe benefits our clients because the entire team at Performa has a strong understanding of our clients’ business and investment objectives.

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