Onshore Products and Strategies

Fixed Income

Investment Grade Core Bond Strategies

Fund – Intermediate Duration – Performa International Bond Fund (USD)

Performa International Bond Fund’s primary investment objective is to provide long term capital appreciation through an optimized mix of investment grade securities across international markets while maintaining a relatively short duration that will not exceed six years.

Separate Accounts – Short/Intermediate/Long Duration

Performa manages investment grade bond separate account strategies for our clients. While the duration target of these strategies may differ, the investment and implementation process fosters continuity. The primary objectives of our investment grade mandates are capital preservation, followed by and income generation with a potential for appreciation. While some clients choose to have guidelines similar to our larger investment vehicles, other clients have unique requirements such as trust, letter of credit and regulatory limitations as well as risk profile, loss history and liquidity needs. For these clients, truly customized guidelines fit best.

High Yield Bond Strategies

Fund – High Yield Credit – Performa High Yield Fund (USD)

Performa High Yield Bond Fund’s primary investment objective is to achieve above average rate of total return while attempting to limit investment risk by investing in a diversified portfolio of fixed income securities.

Cash and Equivalents Strategies

Fund – Money Market – Performa Liquid Assets Fund (USD)

Performa Liquid Assets Fund aims to achieve income through investments in short-term high quality, fixed income securities and money market instruments. The Fund’s primary investment objective is to produce a return superior to One Month Treasury Bills while providing daily liquidity.

Separate Accounts – Enhanced Cash

Performa offers custom enhanced cash mandates in the form of individual separate accounts that generally target a slightly longer maturity and duration profile than the Performa Liquid Assets Fund. The goal of our enhanced cash strategy is to earn income while maintaining a sufficient amount of liquidity for the client. We aim to achieve higher returns by utilizing a larger fixed income sector universe than many money market fund managers employ. The enhanced cash strategy remains highly liquid due to its laddered combination of fully maturing securities and those with monthly and quarterly principal amortizations.


Multi-Sector U.S. Equities

Performa Equity Fund (USD)

The Performa Equity Fund’s primary objective is to outperform the broad U.S. equity market over investment cycles using both passive and active portfolio management in a multi-sector/multi-manager structure. The Fund’s anchor strategy is the passive SPDR S&P 500 Exchange Traded Fund for large cap U.S. equity exposure and closely tracks the S&P 500 Index. Pzena Investment Management is the Fund’s sub-advisor and is responsible for a Small-Cap Value sub-strategy, which is the actively managed portion of the Fund that is meant to deliver outperformance over its benchmark, the Russell 2000 Value Index. The Fund may expand its equity market strategies and managers over time.