Investment Philosophy

Contrarian and Value Oriented

The foundation of Performa’s investment philosophy begins with our core belief that active portfolio management offers the best opportunity to generate positive risk/adjusted returns over full market cycles. Through active management, we are able to manage client portfolios ahead of market changes and select individual securities based on fundamental research, not because they are part of an index.

Another key element of our investment philosophy is our belief that both fixed income and equity markets offer inefficiencies that can be exploited through active management. As our management style stresses capital preservation, we tend to take many diversified positions that are not designed to track particular benchmarks and only purchase securities that we believe will provide long-term value for our clients, not because they are part of an index.

Decisive and Flexible

As a 100% employee owned firm, we are able to remain focused and nimble when implementing investment strategies on behalf of our clients. Our size and deep understanding of capital markets, combined with strong relationships developed through years of experience, allow us to be decisive and flexible.

In Summary, We Believe…

  • In creating a culture that encourages accountability, intellectual curiosity and open communication
  • Markets offer inefficiencies that can be exploited through active management with a value orientation
  • The ability to generate alpha requires both top-down macroeconomic analysis and bottom-up fundamental research
  • A focus on capital preservation and liquidity is paramount to our clients’ success